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Agile Visual Board enables the acquisition of project requirements, their digital transformation as well as the output of the knowledge collection.

All project-relevant information such as inventory documents, customer specifications, basic assumptions, customer knowledge, customer wishes and customer goals serve as input. With the help of the defined goals and facts, concepts are developed and the corresponding requirements are derived.

The entire process of collecting and managing any information takes place in the form of maps. Maps can be in paper or digital form and can be enriched with any other media.
  • Display any information
  • Creation of free structures in the form of columns and rows
  • visual grouping and display of maps
  • Integration into Atlassian Jira

As a link to the agile project management platform Jira, interfaces to tasks, Epics and Scrumboards are available. Agile Visual Board integrates itself directly into your Jira project and is therefore available to all users of a project as required. Interdisciplinary teams can access the information and results at any time.

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