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An important and often critical success factor in recent projects was an overall process management. Only with lean, coordinated processes and clear responsibilities particularly time-critical projects could lead to success. Through our experience we are able to offer and to combine the various components of an overall process management. We can, as needed, draw on the support of our own PM software platform “ilmCon PM”.


Specifically, we offer the following services::

Process mapping / analysis:

Together we capture the existing or planned activities with the process owners and develop the appropriate processes. As part of the drafting or revision the processes are parallel analyzed on optimization potential and unnecessary process steps, missing or unnecessary interfaces and redundancies. We work closely with the process owners to obtain a strong identification with the new process models.


Process harmonization / optimization:

In addition to the process recording the interfaces to other processes are harmonized. Here, the responsibilities and limitations of the process owners are matched with each other and get clearly defined. By optimizing we ensure that the processes are created with a light structure and have an efficient flow.


Process implementation / documentation :

We support the customers on site in the implementation of processes , for example through staff training and process controls in own audits. Depending on the customer's request, the processes are documented in appropriate forms and are provided at all times in centralized systems, so the employees can access them at any time. So we make sure that the latest version of the processes are known and in use at any time.


Activity-based costing:

In addition to the individual process activities, we are also able to calculate the corresponding periods and associated costs , and are able to demonstrate the possible savings of potential process improvements.