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With our professional qualifications, ranging from economics and computer science to engineering we bring together people to solve challenges. With our experience and social skills we make sure that the experts speak a common language and act together as a whole team. Thus, we ensure that the proper expertise is assigned to the accompanying tasks to achieve the desired results.


Specifically, we offer the following services:

Strategy - / Organizational Consulting:

In addition to the structuring of project organizations and the optimization of existing organizational structures and responsibilities, we support our customers in their strategic planning by identifiiying and presenting appropriate indicators, performance measures and prioritizing goals.

Construction / Engineering:

We can assist you in construction projects in the beginning with space planning, clarify key issues of workflow processes in the layout design phase and help to avoid errors in the planning decisions from the start. In addition to planning, we assist in project proposal preparation and ensure that all necessary requirements are included as part of the contracts. During the construction phase, we do active tracking of the project including binding agreements on objectives, cost and schedule monitoring and quality assurance of the construction. After completion of the construction we take care of the technical inspection, rectification and commissioning of equipment and workplaces, including the technical requirements and safety equipment.
In addition to the construction we offer with our partners, support of engineering designs, drawings and technical products and assist in the design and product development.

PM software development:

Many projects develop independent collections of data in Excel. This results in difficulties during control and evaluating in terms of access, timeliness and uniform structure. For this reason, the ilmCon GmbH has developed a web-based framework (ilmCon PM), which provides all users of Excel lists the ability to manage set data storage in a central database. This makes the information internally available via local intranet or worldwide internet solution for parallel operation of different users. In addition to individual data acquisition and imaging of processes in data entry, notification of employees, we can offer real- time reports and statistics. Furthermore the framework also provides the standard functions of project management (such as log management, task management, etc.), which additionally facilitates and improves our daily work.