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Project management means for us to complete tasks successfully with a systematic structure. Regardless of whether it is building a new production facility, the optimization of existing organizations or only small sub-projects within a company. In our approach, we structure each project in an appropriate form, to allow at any time a goal- oriented control. With appropriate analyzes and tools we provide constant monitoring of progress and are able to take timely corrective measures in case of deviation.


Specifically, we offer the following services:

Strategic Project Management:

Apart from project management and status reporting for senior management levels, we also take traditional project management tasks such as risk management, scheduling, capacity planning and cost control.

Start -up / Commissioning:

A crucial factor for the successful production start is a good start-up management. With a special methodology, we ensure in advance that all appropriate measures have been carried out for the start of production. With a concept for the trial operation, we help in analysis of weaknesses and systematic problem finding / solving-to achieve a steep ramp-up curve.

Project management:

In project management, we also take care of the project communication. Clear definition of responsibilities, tasks and target dates and harmonization of processes are the core tasks. By the use of suitable tools, we help build a continuous status reporting, thus enabeling a continuous risk monitoring and project progress control.